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Balancing Together



Hi, my name is Lebopo Letshwiti, also known as Bo. I am an extremely passionate yoga and meditation instructor / facilitator. I first heard the whispers of this ancient practice in 2014 when I began my personal practice. I was captivated by the ancient art form as it transformed me and my life in unimaginable ways.

As I further immersed myself in the practice I found myself in the Holi Land (Incredible India) where I obtained my 200hr multi-style YTTC with Green Yoga, India (Yoga Alliance UK and USA Certified). This empowered me with the opportunity and privilege to spread my teachings globally, allowing me to expand and diversify my repertoire of advanced and basic asanas (postures) of the majestic art form.

It would be my pleasure for you to join me as I share my adventure of this expressive art form, together exploring and discovering our journey into human consciousness.

I hope you too find what you seek as I share my passion for yoga and humanity.


Lebopo Letshwiti